The Robots are Coming

The robots are coming for your job.  Regardless of your profession, degree or experience, there is no escaping the automated future.  However, you can take steps today to prepare for the inevitable.

Learn how to survive and even thrive by changing the way you think-

     Think like a Human, not a machine

     Think like an Entrepreneur, not an employee

     Think like a Saver, not a consumer

     Think like an Investor, not a speculator

The Robots Are Coming provides an actionable guide to plan for and actually profit from disruptive technological change.  It offers an easy-to-understand overview of automation trends and explains what you need to know today to secure your future success.

Available at fine book stores in paperback or digital format, including Amazon: The Robots Are Coming: A Human’s Survival Guide to Profiting in the Age of Automation

A Chegada dos Robôs