Episode 7: Profit from nature, Building Wealth, Investing, Retirement, Stock Trading, Freedom, Liberty

In this episode we discuss the 7th wealth building principle:  Profit from nature

This may sound redundant since we covered profiting from Trends in the previous episode- but it’s actually quite different.  Consider how the study of economics is broken down into micro and macro.  I consider Trends and Nature in a similar manner.

Forces of nature cause events.  Events cause disruptions in markets, which can be traded for profit.

The major forces of nature are:  Mother Nature (floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, etc) ;  Human Nature (fear, greed, love, hate, etc) ;  and Government (this is actually a subcategory under Human Nature, but since government has become so omnipotent, I consider it as a separate force- taxation, inflation, regulation, war, enslavement, etc).

Early identification of these forces acting on markets can net a profit.

Do you find it distasteful to profit from other’s misfortune?  For instance- shorting Japan’s Nikkei index to take advantage of the Fukushima nuclear accident caused by a tsunami.  Think with your head, not your heart.  Be logical and analytic.  Taking a profit in the stock market on such an event doesn’t increase nor decrease the tragedy one bit.  Human suffering is not impacted.  The event occurred, it was outside of your sphere of influence.

Wealth builders think in terms of prosperity not scarcity.  If you’re poor and destitute, how can you contribute to help others?  Your ability to do good is amplified by your excess resources and capital.

Learn to profit…and be generous with your wealth.

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