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Episode 69:  Highlights of people’s impressions of Obamacare and possible investment opportunities are covered.  Also discuss the upcoming Supreme Court review.

In my opinion, Obamacare made a bad system worse.  I believe what is needed is to remove the third party payer (insurance or government) and establish a market based system- similar to elective medical procedures that are largely paid for by the consumer out-of-pocket: plastic surgery, Lasik, etc.

The system is so broken that even if the government doesn’t reform it, some market forces will prevail.  I envision a time when people will carry only catastrophic insurance and will travel for elective treatments and surgery- “medical tourism” to India, Mexico or yet established redoubts like Indian Reservations or Cruise Ships.

Check out Surgery Center of Oklahoma for what a market based hospital would look like:  http://www.surgerycenterok.com/pricing/

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