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Episode 60:  McDonalds vs Burger King…several months ago you’ll remember I was impressed with the turnaround at Burger King due in large part to their new young CEO.

The disparity continues between two otherwise common businesses-   Burger King rounds out the year UP around 70% and McDonald’s is DOWN about 5%.

In this episode we discuss the differences of the two companies and end on a positive note for McDonalds mostly because of this little talked about fact- CEO Don Thompson is an electrical engineer and as a young man cut his teeth working in aerospace & ROBOTICs…that’s the tell for me.  In coming years, automation will be the driver for profits, as fast food restaurants struggle to replace high wage low skilled workers.  Don’t write McDonalds off just yet, having a NERD robotics engineer at the helm may just save their sinking ship.

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