Episode 5: Embrace Technology & Innovation, Building Wealth, Investing, Retirement, Stock Trading, Freedom, Liberty

Continuing our 10 part series we discuss wealth building principle #5:   Embrace Technology & Innovation

Don’t fear change.  Don’t be propagandized into maintaining the status quo.  The entrenched establishment will always try to hold onto their power and position.  They’ll fight to the end.  But ultimately innovation always wins out.  Governments, companies, and institutions that don’t accept change eventually fail.

Don’t confuse technology with just computers and software.  It’s so much more.  Technology is the science and study of technique.  All industries, organizations, and people can benefit by improving their technique…from sports to music to manufacturing.

Invest in winners, companies that embrace technology to improve productivity and create new products and services…which enable all of us to have a higher standard of living.

Don’t be a Luddite.

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