Saving vs Investing, You should be saving at least 20%

Episode 16: Saving vs Investing: Earn + Save + Invest = Wealth
Learning to SAVE precedes learning to INVEST. Most people want to skip ahead to Investing, because it’s thought to be more glamorous. That’s how the media and the financial industry have propagandized the message. The industry wants you to “invest”…so that they can charge you fees.

Before you can invest, you need to save a substantial “nest egg”; otherwise the rewards for your efforts will be minimal. Mark Twain said, “You should be more concerned with the return OF your principle than the return ON your principle”. As you begin to build your nest egg, your net worth will be most impacted by your SAVING habits, not your investing achievements.

Save at least 20%…remember wealth building principle 10: Wealth is a lifestyle.

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