Market in correction and remains below 50 dma, Russian sanctions, Exodus out of junk bonds, How to invest a small sum, Ebola pandemic or hype? & more on Propaganda

Episode 13

o  Market’s stay below 50 day moving average and IBD changes the market status to “market in correction” on 8/5/14.

o  Fear of Russian sanctions/counter-sanctions on world economy

  • Smoot Hawley Act ushered in the Depression

o   Large exodus out of junk bonds

  • Listener questions

o   How to invest a small sum of money?  You don’t, you save it.  There’s a difference between “saving” and “investing”.

o   Ebola- is it real or hype?  Doesn’t matter in terms of the stock market where perception is reality.  Trades are made in anticipation of future earnings…the threat of a pandemic could positively or negatively impact a stock’s short term price.

  • Propaganda

o   Yahoo Finance charges for headline placement

o   Democratic congressman shames Obama for lying…while enabling him

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